The Honest Truth: Will South Africa survive and thrive amidst the turmoil?

The seasoned political journalist Jan ­Jan Joubert looks at the burning issues of the day that can determine our fate in his new book “Will South Africa Be Okay?” It’s essential reading for every South African who cares about the country’s future and wants to be better informed.

Jan Jan Joubert joined Benito Vergotine on The Honest Truth, listen to the conversation here:

After the ANC’s victory in the 2019 elections, president Cyril Ramaphosa’s mandate is stronger than ever. He can now make good on his promises to clean out government corruption. But will he be successful and what does this mean for South Africa and its people? What does South Africa’s future look like with challenges like the land debate, racial tension and a dire economy? Will South Africa survive and thrive amidst the turmoil?

Jan­Jan Joubert is an author, journalist and political commentator. He has covered
parliament since 2011 for various publications and journalism platforms, and was
previously political editor of Die Burger, Beeld and Rapport, as well as deputy political
editor of Sunday Times. Will South Africa be Okay? is his second book. He lives in
Cape Town.

Source: Smile 90.4FM