Tech Tuesday with Theunis- What’s up with the new Porsche Taycan??

Yes, if you are keeping a keen eye on what is happening in the world of electric vehicles, then you would know that there is quite the buzz around the brand new Porsche Taycan, and according to our Tech Expert Theunis Janse van Rensburg, also Tesla’s first real competition!

Of course we know that Elon Musk and his team at Tesla has been working hard and have been growing their Tesla brand exponentially over the past year and has been kind of leading the field of EV’s. But can this new edition to the electronic vehicle market prove to be a worthy contender, and for its rather hefty price tag, is it worth having one in your garage?

The Porsche Taycan wont be released in South Africa anytime soon, but we are still quite excited to see what this baby is all about!

Theunis Janse van Rensburg from joined me in your Tech Tuesday chat to give us the inside scoop.

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Source: Smile 90.4FM