Bailey’s Hi-5: 5 Important Tech Free Zones at Home

Simply declaring key areas of your home “tech-free zones” can keep the most problematic screen-use issues at bay. The only catch is, ALL family members must get on board with these rules to make them stick. That includes parents who “just need to check one work email” at the dinner table.

  1. The Kitchen/Dining Room: Basically family meals together at the table without screens—whether they’re breakfast or dinner, every day or just a few times a week—are scientifically proven to contribute to healthier social behavior and positive life outcomes for kids. Something as simple as chatting over a bowl of spaghetti can lead to lower rates of depression, substance abuse and eating disorders, and improve vocabulary and academic performance. Regularly eating together may even be more beneficial than—gasp—homework.
  2. The Bedroom: There are lots and lots and lots of studies in medical journals showing that people who keep their devices next to them when they sleep don’t sleep as well, and they also don’t sleep as long. Further studies are also linking screens in the bedroom to poor mental health and even increase chances of obesity. The majority of adults do it, but many teenagers are waking up in the middle of the night to use theirs. Put a charging station somewhere other than the bedroom and get an alarm clock if you rely on your phone to wake you.
  3. The Car: This really should be a no-brainer – it’s illegal to talk/text on your phone, but if you keep it in the cubby hole or in the bottom of your bag, you won’t be tempted to look at it.
  4. The Bathroom: We are all guilty of scrolling through our phones while sitting on the loo. Here’s a question: Do you wipe your phone down with a disinfectact wipe after? Phone screens carry 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. You do the math.  Ew!
  5. Living room: Now I’ve saved this for last because it doesn’t necessarily have to be 100% tech free… but the rules should be all phones down when playing board games, watching TV together etc.

Source: Smile 90.4FM