8 Out of 8: 7 October 2019

8 out of 8 Questions: 7 October 2019


 1.Who had a hit with Come Undone in 1993?

2. From which movie is this line: ‘Judge me by my size, do you?’

3.Whom did Kim Carnes duet with on the hit, ‘Don’t Fall in Love with a dreamer’?

4.Which actor played Frank Dux, the male lead character, in the movie Bloodsport

5. In the 90’s which band wanted to take you to the moon and back?

6.Michael Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls and signed a contract with this Major League Baseball team in 1994? Chicago White Sox or Chicago Red Sox

7.From which song is this line: Face to face, out in the heat

8.Who plays the male lead opposite Ann Heche in 1998’s Six Days Seven Nights?




8 out of 8 Answers: 7 October 2019


1.Duran Duran

2.Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back

3.Kenny Rogers

4.Claude Van Damme

5.Savage Garden

6.Chicago White Sox

7.Eye of The Tiger – Survivor

8.Harrison Ford


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